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Deacon’s Corner

Deacon’s Corner

I was listening to a discussion on prayer just this last week. One wanted patience, the other a time when the unborn could be protected from harm. Two prayers that all of us would say are worth praying for. But, they wondered when their prayers would be answered.

On this Easter Sunday I share with you something I tell my son regarding soccer, which is true in life. To accomplish that which you desire you must “see it”, “feel it”, and “do it”; SFD.

To see it, to truly see what is before you, to “contemplate”; in contemplation one sees what is there, not clouded by the world or distractions, but sees clearly that which God has open your eyes to.

To feel it; to deeply encounter that connection is to be in a state of prayer. In prayer we communicate directly with God, the source, in all that the creator is, if we are connected to him, we feel him.

To do it; Ora Et Labora, prayer and work. To contemplate, to pray without “right action” is only to wish for that which you know needs to be done. We are the body of Christ. Our prayers are answered by God in our actions, our work. What do you do after you have seen it, after you feel it to assure that God is working in your life so that your prayers are answered?

May the Peace of Christ be in you,

Deacon Mark

Thank you Lord Jesus, Come Holy Spirit