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Deacon’s Corner

Deacon’s Corner

There are many questions that come from looking at “The Passion.” One in particular is why the crowd would choose to release a criminal over a rabbi who committed no crime.

We must look closely at the man Barabbas and see his crime was that of rebellion. You see he was the rebel leader against the occupation of Rome in Palestine. As such, we can see that what is being asked of the people is what way do they choose the one of peace or the one of war?

The world has not changed at all from Jesus’ time. The human race still seems to choose the path of anger and destruction. We need only look at the war that rages around the world, on our streets, in our homes and in most often in our hearts.

When we encounter a situation not of our liking, maybe we are faced with a long line at a grocery store or maybe the endless phone calls at night from teller marketers whose very livelihood depends on the consumer, how many times do we speak words of peace to them or are our actions more of the act of Barabbas and less the act of Jesus.

Each time we choose to rage war against another even in the smallest act or in the true ugliness of war, we once more stand before Christ and Pilate and yell Barabbas, Barabbas. Let us in our hearts shout Jesus, Jesus and free him onto the world in all we do by acts of peace and goodness.

May the Peace of Christ be in you,

Deacon Mark

Thank you Lord Jesus, Come Holy Spirit