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Deacon’s Corner

Deacon’s Corner

Have you ever wondered why God placed certain people on your path? In today’s readings we see that he specifically chooses to place the key to the House of David on Eliakim’s shoulders and to Peter the keys to the Kingdom, both in our path to him, giving them authority over those who would seek Him. Who else does he place in your path to Him?

Look back and think of those people who changed your life’s course, who by their very presence in your life, altered where you were heading and corrected yourself towards him. Often if we do not look closely in our lives, we might not see God’s work in it. That situation, that individual’s actions, at first might appear to be blocking what we want to happen in our lives, but do we ever ask that if we did not encounter that person, would we be closer or farther away from God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Think about the game of bumper pool, in order to sink the ball, the rails and bumpers are used to direct the ball to its final destination. God places people in our lives to do just that, to direct us to our final destination, the Kingdom of Heaven. It would be easy to wish that it be a straight path but the sin in our lives and in the world make his help necessary. And because we struggle he must from time to time use someone as a bumper to redirect us so that we might arrive where he desires us to be. How many bumpers have you encountered on your path to him?

May the Peace of Christ be in you,

Deacon Mark

Thank you Lord Jesus, Come Holy Spirit